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Heartsgrove forest part 3, English

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It was just all so unfair! Feeling angry and sad I threw myself onto the bed desperately clinging to a pillow, letting it smother my sobs and dry my tears. My room was the smaller one of two rooms on the second floor, barely enough room for a bed, a bedside table with a candlestick on it and an old dresser that looked ancient. Continue reading


Fallen leaves and weird death, English

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Around two this morning, I woke up. Not the gentle waking-up of a body coming out of much needed rest, or the slow but sweet awakening of when the sun slowly starts to light the room. No, this was a very special type of awakening. Continue reading

Bamse, English version

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I woke up this morning with my son right beside me, pushing gently on my shoulder. With a big grin on his face, he squeaked out a cheery “Dad! Breakfast!” The dog was at his usual place at the foot of the bed and was snoring and relaxing in a fashion that only he can pull off. Before I even had time to swing my feet over the edge of the bed Z heard a sound by the door and his face lights up like the sun. “Mommy, Mommy is coming!”. Ida has been working all night for the first time in a while, which means that she comes home early in the morning. Both Z and Bamse bounced out of bed to greet her. She sounded really happy and while cuddling with Bamse she tried to communicate to the kid that he should perhaps put on some clothes so he could go to kindergarten. Continue reading

Bamse, Swedish version.

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Jag vaknade på morgonen av att min son låg bredvid mig i sängen och knuffade på min axel. Med ett stort flin på läpparna så fick han ur sig ett glatt “Pappa! Välling!”. Hunden låg som vanligt vid fotändan och snarkade och mös som bara han kan. Innan jag ens hunnit svänga fötterna över sängkanten så hör grabben ett ljud i trapphuset och skiner upp som en sol. “Mamma! Mamma kommer!”. Ida har jobbat natt för första gången på ett tag, vilket innebär att hon kommer hem på morgonen. Både grabben och hunden studsar ur sängen för att hälsa mamma-matte välkommen hem. Hon låter jätteglad och kelar med Bamse en sväng, och försöker kommunicera åt grabben att han kanske borde ta på sig lite kläder för att gå till dagis. Continue reading