It’s time to move on

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Now, as I proclaimed a while back, I’m merging my photography with my writing… and I’m doing it here:

Please, be patient as I slowly punch the shit out of that new site – it’s still a wee bit buggy. But It’ll get better. Now, if you’re reading this through an RSS-reader, you can update the feed to this instead. And if you’re one of those bookmark-readers, be so kind as to update your bookmark so it points to instead. There, I’ll keep writing and also showcase my photos. There will be quite a lot of updates coming to that part of the site over the next few days, but do not fear – text will also be generated.


Peace, out.


The sunny side of summer, English

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When one takes the time to organise and set things up a bit, even a hot day like this can be enjoyable. Currently, I’m situated in the cool and placid shade of a rather tall pinetree with my wife, a friend and our combined progeny. Gentle winds cool us off as we eat watermelon and drink coffee and cold water.

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Designers, gather! English / Swedish

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It’s drawing near! Recently I decided that I was going to bring my writing and my photography together, and yesterday I threw together a new design for it as well. I now need two thngs: 1. A html-monkey that can take my design and make me a wordpress theme from it AND 2. A good name for the new domain! I desperately need help with both. If YOU have a good idea for a name or have the skill to make my design come alive, PLEASE let me know! There WILL be cake!


Nu börjar det närma sig! Nyligen så bestämde jag mig för att sammanföra mitt skrivande och mitt fotande, och igår så slängde jag ihop en ny design för det projektet. Nu behöver jag två saker: 1. En html-apa som kan hjälpa mig att konvertera min design till ett wordpress-tema OCH 2. Ett bra förslag på ett namn till den nya domänen. Om du har en bra idé om namn eller om du har skills för att hjälpa min design att fungera, SNÄLLA säg till! Belöning i form av tårta utlovas!

I might be broken again, English

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…. for three days now I’ve been staring at the “Add New Post”-page. And this is all I can think of writing. Oh, how I love the mind-numbing heat.

The Northern Express Experience, English

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Picture this: A train is slowly making its way through the forests of the northern parts of Sweden. Inside one of the carts there is a table that is stacked full of different electronic devices. Ranging from cellphones to laptops to mp3-players and other devices I can hardly recognize, this table seems to have it all. The trees are flashing by outside the window and the never-setting sun is hovering close to the horizon. Continue reading

Att vara Stolt Svensk, Svenska

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Veckans ämne i Söndagsutmaningen blev “Att vara stolt svensk”. Det vill säga patriotism – att känna stolthet och kärlek till sitt land… att ha de blå-gula färgerna i sitt hjärta… att kunna känna viljan att gå ut i krig och försvara sin nation, att vara beredd att dö för sina landsmän om så skulle behövas.  Nej, det är inte riktigt min kopp thé.

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When two become one, English

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I didn’t mean for it to happen! Honestly, I didn’t! But in a way, now… it feels inevitable. Like it was destined to be.  Continue reading