Fallen leaves and weird death, English

Around two this morning, I woke up. Not the gentle waking-up of a body coming out of much needed rest, or the slow but sweet awakening of when the sun slowly starts to light the room. No, this was a very special type of awakening. I had been dreaming that I was out walking. It was late autumn, and it was dark outside. The trees were all bright orange and yellow; rain was slowly trickling down from above. All in all, it was very nice. I enjoy that time of the year when darkness falls early and it’s not too bleedin’ cold outside. For some reason, I was going to school… can’t remember why, but as in most dreams it felt most logical at the time. About half-way there I was joined by a friend I hadn’t seen in a long, long time. Let’s call her M, just for the Bond-factor. We got to talking, and for some reason I didn’t at all much reflect upon the fact that she’s actually been dead for the last seven years. We had a jolly good time, and I got the impression that she enjoyed herself a bit more than usual due to her being, as she phrased it: “let out of the box”.

When we arrived at school, all doors were locked. This for some reason seemed strange to me. The fact that we were at school, late at night with a dead friend didn’t bother me though. We walked on, around the building trying to find an open window or something. I knew there was something in there that I desperately needed. When we didn’t find a valid option for subtle entry I grabbed a rock to smash a window, and when M saw that, she turned around to run, suddenly fearful and scared. I never got around to smashing the glass, I was so startled at her reaction that I just dropped the rock. Seeing her run away from me just made me stop and freeze but she didn’t notice at all. She just ran away towards the waterfront. Looking over her shoulder at me, she tripped, fell and went into the water. I jerked back into motion and ran down after her, hoping I could pull her out of what I knew to be freezing water. Time flowed very strangely, and when I finally reached the place where she went in it felt like hours had passed. Looking over the side, all I could see was the deep black water and her inhumanly pale body floating, smiling up at me. I turned around, felt violently sick and started throwing up on the stones beneath my feet.

…this is where I woke up, jerking upright in my bed, the taste of vomit in my mouth. Now, I know that it’s hard to control and influence, but… If you have the chance to NOT wake up like this – take it!


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