Heartsgrove forest part 3, English

It was just all so unfair! Feeling angry and sad I threw myself onto the bed desperately clinging to a pillow, letting it smother my sobs and dry my tears. My room was the smaller one of two rooms on the second floor, barely enough room for a bed, a bedside table with a candlestick on it and an old dresser that looked ancient.

After a while, my sobs silenced and the sadness subsided a bit leaving room just for the anger. I was so angry with my dad… not only for ignoring me, and his constant complaints about my grades and how I never could quite measure up to his standards in anything… but also for every little fight we had ever had. Every slight, imagined or not came back to fuel my ever-growing fire. For reasons I couldn’t even explain it felt like it was dads fault that mom was gone. The anger in my belly grew slowly, bit by bit into full-grown rage. I just wanted to go away, not having to deal with him anymore! Getting up from the bed, I started pacing the room. It wasn’t big, so my pacing felt rather limited… and after a while, it just annoyed me. I couldn’t go downstairs without having to deal with dad again, and climbing out the window didn’t feel like a good plan at all. In my frustration, I kicked the first thing in my reach. Surprisingly, the big dresser moved a bit. It looked so heavy, but somehow it just… moved. Behind the old piece of furniture I had expected dust and nothing else, but a crack in the wallpaper caught my eye. Grabbing the side of it, I heaved to move the old dresser even further from the wall to get a better look at the back. For some reason trying to move it now was a lot harder than it had been when I just gave it a kick, and when it finally stood in the middle of the room giving me a clear view of the wall behind it, I was breathing hard. To get a better look of the wall I brought the candle closer, the flame fluttering from my breath making the shadows dance across the flat surface. The crack went all the way around where the dresser had just been, making a big square in the wall.

A hatch of some sort? But… to where? Letting my fingers trace the edges, trying to pull it outwards. It didn’t even give half an inch, so I tried pushing it instead. Slowly and with a high-pitched creak, it gave in and opened into a dark and black hole. Spider webs that had been torn down by the hatch clung to it like thin, broken strands of translucent yarn. Using the candle I tried to light up the inside of what seemed to be a crawlspace to an attic. The briefest moment of hesitation passed before I got on my knees and started crawling into the hatch. From where I stood, I could see a few feet ahead of me; more cobwebs hanging from the ceiling and walls. After barely clearing the hatch from the inside, I accidentally nudged it with my foot, and it swung closed with a loud bang, taking out the fragile flame of the candle in the process. The darkness was almost palpable, and it caught me totally off guard. Like an ice-cold hand creeping up my spine and swiftly killing all conscious thought in my head, leaving me with pure panic… unable to even breathe.


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