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The Northern Express Experience, English

Posted in Musings / Luddiga tankegångar with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on June 5, 2011 by gaijin

Picture this: A train is slowly making its way through the forests of the northern parts of Sweden. Inside one of the carts there is a table that is stacked full of different electronic devices. Ranging from cellphones to laptops to mp3-players and other devices I can hardly recognize, this table seems to have it all. The trees are flashing by outside the window and the never-setting sun is hovering close to the horizon. Continue reading


Well bully me, then… English

Posted in Angry rants from hell, Musings / Luddiga tankegångar, Parenthood / Föräldraskap with tags , , , , , , , on April 22, 2011 by gaijin

I read an article yesterday that brought a lot of memories back for me. From very early in school I was the bullied kid, the one to poke fun at, the one to kick a bit for a laugh, the one that was picked last. Now, stay with me, I’ll try not to whine. Continue reading

The Death of a potential human, English

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Yesterday, I read a very good post (one of many, she is a wise woman) by a friend . She wrote about what and how things had happened when her and her man (I hesitate using that terminology usually, but in this case it’s clear – he belongs to her. ;) came to the hospital to deliver their first child. It was a tale of confusion, of frustration and of things done wrong. I apologize if this post contains spelling errors and grammatical abuse: the topic makes me angry, and I seem to be missing a spell-checker. Now.. go on. Continue reading

Parental musings, English

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Consider, if you will: children. Oh, come now… You’ve heard of them! The tiny humans we make in that delightful act of procreation. The reasons behind making them differ; some plan their parenthood, some have it thrust upon them – with varying degrees of success. Continue reading