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Designers, gather! English / Swedish

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It’s drawing near! Recently I decided that I was going to bring my writing and my photography together, and yesterday I threw together a new design for it as well. I now need two thngs: 1. A html-monkey that can take my design and make me a wordpress theme from it AND 2. A good name for the new domain! I desperately need help with both. If YOU have a good idea for a name or have the skill to make my design come alive, PLEASE let me know! There WILL be cake!


Nu börjar det närma sig! Nyligen så bestämde jag mig för att sammanföra mitt skrivande och mitt fotande, och igår så slängde jag ihop en ny design för det projektet. Nu behöver jag två saker: 1. En html-apa som kan hjälpa mig att konvertera min design till ett wordpress-tema OCH 2. Ett bra förslag på ett namn till den nya domänen. Om du har en bra idé om namn eller om du har skills för att hjälpa min design att fungera, SNÄLLA säg till! Belöning i form av tårta utlovas!


The Ink, English

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Face down in a scruffy bed. A pink towel beneath me sets the tone almost as well as the multitude of anarchy-inspired punk-art on the walls. Small bottles of ink line the table, and the different cleaning solutions and lubricants are standing at the back of the table, ready to clean and soften me up should the need arise. A stack of paper towels speak of the imminent mess we are about to make. The man strips off his sweater, standing tall and bare-chested in the room. -“Let’s do this..” he says, and fires up the needle. Continue reading

Suddenly I’m Mr.Popular, English

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From out of nowhere, people from school are calling me to fix their computers, my wife wants me to buy her a domain name, install, configure and re-design not one but two blogs for her, as well as spell-check her posts in English AND make her food! What am I? Your personal tech support? Continue reading