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Ekologisk mat, Svenska

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Den nya trenden i Sverige som sveper genom butiker och hem är att allting ska vara ekologiskt. Ekologiskt odlat, ekologiskt framtaget, ekologiskt byggt, ihoplimmat  eller ekologiskt framavlat. Vad skillnaderna är mellan “vanlig” mat och ekologisk mat finns det dock frågetecken kring. Continue reading


The perfect moment, English

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The fly that keeps buzzing around my face is the only thing that isn’t perfect right now. Or… maybe the fly is what makes the moment perfect. The minor annoyance of waving it away just make the contrast to all the sweetness surrounding me all that much stronger. Continue reading

Food, English

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Food. I love food. I love making it,  and I love eating it. That being said, cooking and serving for over 200 people during the the span of 5 hours… is kind of rough. Continue reading