The sunny side of summer, English

When one takes the time to organise and set things up a bit, even a hot day like this can be enjoyable. Currently, I’m situated in the cool and placid shade of a rather tall pinetree with my wife, a friend and our combined progeny. Gentle winds cool us off as we eat watermelon and drink coffee and cold water.

Usually I turn into a… well, not a whining bitch, but at least something close to it when the heatwaves start to roll in. I don’t do well during the warmer parts of the year – anything above 25 deg. centigrade really knock my system out. It’s not that I sweat a lot (’cause I don’t), but all my energy really just…vanish. The combination of heat and the sun being up 24/7 make it even harder to sleep than usual too… and that can hardly help. But the way things feel now? I could live forever. The temperature is perfect right now, just warm enough to feel real good, and just cool enough to still be able to function. Granted, my language skills are the first to be set against the wall and shot in the revolution of the temperatures, but… I’m sure you can manage.

I’m waiting for the paperwork from school  still; I want to get that sorted as quickly as possible… I’m not good with stuff like that. I get edgy and nervous and really stressed out. Still, I’ve got time I suppose…  I’m gonna set that aside, and just relax in the sun now. Peace, out.


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