Heartsgrove forest part 6, English

Feeling confused and more than a little bit lost, I tried looking around. Maybe I had been sleepwalking and ended up in the woods near grandma’s house? Although I would have had to been sleepwalking for quite some time because I didn’t see anything that was even remotely familiar. No roads, no paths, no house, no nothing – except trees. The birds kept chirping in the sunlight though, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened at all. In hope of discovering what had happened to the hatch, I walked back to the tree and started looking for signs of it… but it was as if it had never existed in the first place. Nothing, not even a trace of it anywhere. In frustration I started pummeling the trunk of the tree with my hands while tears started rolling down my face again.

-“Oy! Stop that ye bleedin’ bigjob!” The voice was high-pitched but loud, and it seemed to be coming from up in the tree. -“Iffin’ ya doan stop th’bangin, I’ll come doon there ‘n make ye sorry ye’s were ever born!” Peering up into the leaves trying to see who on earth was up there, I felt very scared. Still… it was better than being alone, I suppose. -“Who’s up there? Please?” I shouted. -“I don’t know where I am, and I’m not sure how I got here!” Even I could hear how scared and unsure my voice was. -“Well then, y’see here now, that ain’t none o’ my concern, now issit? Now scram ‘fo I float over ‘ere and sock ye one right in the eyelid!” The voice seemed to be coming from one of the branches just out of my reach, but there was nobody there. Nobody that I could see, anyway. -“Please! I just wanna get back home!” I almost wailed. Suddenly the leaves on the branch below the one I thought the voice came from started rustling around, as if someone was moving around in there. But the bundle of leaves was so small, nobody could be in there! They had to be at most a third of my length and I was short, even for someone my age! A tiny head appeared between the leaves, the face  no more than an inch in size. It looked like a girl with short-cropped blonde hair, the eyes shaded between green and brown, her nose had a stud in it a ring pierced her lower lip. This couldn’t be happening. Nobody was that small! -“Looksee here now, you. If you doan stop yer wailin’ and yellin’, I’ll come give ya a proper smackin’, Heartsman protect me, I will! I’s tryin’ to sleep here, and ye’s all acting like a boob, keepin’ me awake!” She looked really annoyed, but a glint in her eye and a smirk on her lips hinted that she wasn’t as mad as she seemed. -“I’s can’t be bothered wi’w all ye’s bigjobs gettin’ lost in the Hartswood all the time. Iffin’ ya doan wanna get lost, then doan wander aboot so much!” Her strange way of expressing herself took a few seconds to translate, and before I had time to reply, she started up again. -“T’is the last time I’s doin’ this, see? No more! Yous bigjobs needs to learn this y’selves! Juss take all yer stuffs in yer fancy-pansy bag and start walkin’! If ye wanna get out, iss o’er that way!” she said, pointing over in the opposite direction of where the hatch had been. -“Iffin’ ya wanna go meet the Council, iss o’er that way. Now ye bloody well leave me alone, ye skunk! I willnae be bothered again!”. Waving her hand to the left, she then quickly turned around and stalked away up the tree, and when she did, I could see wings on her back! Tiny, tiny wings, like on a dragonfly! A…pixie? But… they don’t exist! And in stories they were always nice! Things just kept getting stranger and stranger by the  minute… I must be dreaming, I thought. Maybe that whole thing about pinching yourself was a myth? Anyway, if it was a dream, what I did wouldn’t matter, I’d wake up anyway… and if it wasn’t a dream, I should start walking. Taking bearings on a perticularly tall tree in the direction she had pointed out, I did the only thing I felt I could. I put one foot in front of the other, and repeated. The grass and moss under my feet felt soft and warm, so my lack of shoes didn’t bother me so much. I just hoped that there weren’t any passages in this forest with firs or something; the prospect of walking on pinecones and fir needles didn’t really appeal to me at all. So far though, brightly green leaves was all there was to see. The sun warmed my face and the birds continued singing made the walk quite pleasant, and soon I had put the whole pixie-fairy-business out of my head. Couldn’t have happened, things like that didn’t happen after all, did it? Nope! Only in my daydreams, and in my drawings. That must be why, I figured… I fell asleep and now I’m dreaming a strange dream. After about half an hour of walking I still couldn’t see anything familiar, and I was starting to feel a bit hungry. I regretted that I’d left the dinner table before dessert; grannys pies were the best and if I had stuffed my face with that I wouldn’t be hungry already. Up ahead I could see a clearing in the forest, and as if on cue to my grumbly stomach, I saw that the far left wall of the clearing was a big gathering of raspberry bushes. I couldn’t have planned it better myself! Putting the bag down, I started picking the juicy raspberries and stuffing them into my mouth. I must have looked like I hadn’t seen food in ages, but they were just so delicious that my table manners went out the window. Besides, who was there to see me? Well… except for pixies, obviously. Having the thought sneak back into my mind like that made me a bit apprehensive, but the raspberries quickly took care of any discomfort I felt. Sitting down in the sun felt so good and made me relax. Despite me being lost in a huge forest, it felt good just relaxing, listening to the wind in the trees and the birds chirp… wait. The birds were silent. Everything was still… unnaturally still.


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