The Love/hate relationship, English

Like a gum stuck to a bicycle wheel, summer keeps coming back after a full revolution of the seasons. While I do enjoy parts of the summer, some things I just can’t really deal with – especially during the first few weeks.

For one thing, I can hardly eat. I just don’t get hungry, and when it’s too warm I even get a bit nauseus. This isn’t only bad since it brings with it a decrease in weight, but on the flipside it also brings a real low-energy state of affairs until my body has gotten used to the sub-par intake of food that I subject it to.

Another issue I have is the sun, in many ways. While the sun is prevalent during winter as well, it does sort of dominate the summer in a completely different way. This may sound cliché and very typical of your average nerd, but I am somewhat sensitive to bright light. Yeah, go ahead, laugh it up. But when you’ve spent every day of an entire summer with a drilling headache that originate behind your eyes, it’s not that funny anymore. A few years back I had the money to get me some prescription sunglasses, and they’ve more or less made this problem null and void, but I still feel like mentioning it. Also, when you live where I do, the summer and sun brings with it another problem. It’s never dark outside. Never. I’ve got enough problems with my sleep during the winter (when it’s never sunny instead) to want to deal with this as well. Luckily one can seal up the apartment to keep the light outside. Shit, this makes me sound like a damned gremlin. Anyway. The third problem with the sun is the heat. Sort of a non-issue really as long as there’s a breeze out, but still worth a few letters in recognition of the vast amounts of sweat it has extracted from me during the years.

Now, while this has so far been a sort of angry rant against the horrors of the Golden Season, I want to mention some of the things I do like (or even love) about summer. I really love throwing a BBQ with my friends, I love the feeling of sun against my skin when there’s a slight breeze out. I adore the sea, and hearing the waves crash against the beach, and every day that I can take a long walk and listen to music without freezing my nuts off is a good one. Going for a swim in the middle of the night is to die for, and to walk through the rain when the sun is still out is nothing short of amazing. The smell of freshly mown grass or the lightness in the air after a good thunderstorm brings me back to when I was younger and a lot more care-free than I am now… but most of all, relaxing in a hammock in the shade with a good book and a ice-cold cider… unbeatable. In short the bad things and the good things sort of balance each other out, but right now, sitting here with a headache, nausea all the while smelling like the locker room after a hockey game… I’m not overjoyed. It’ll pass.

Finishing off, I’d just like to quote

“You don’t become great by trying to be
great. You become great by wanting to do
something, and then doing it so hard that
you become great in the process.” -xkcd


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