A short vacation, English

Today I decided that both the apartment and I needed some time alone together. I need the time to wind down before next week, and the apartment needs some lovin’ in the form of a vacuum cleaner and stuff like that.

Tomorrow, I hope for some decent weather. If I get it, I’ll fire up the grill and hope that my classmates join me in the food-creating and possibly beer-drinking endevour. It is my firm belief that this would indeed be epic. We’ll see.

Today, I intend to clean up the apartment, and hopefully later on I’ll get to hang out with Sassa. That would be a nice finish to what is surely going to be a rather dull day. If I have the time, I’ll also swing by P’s place to check on his cat. I’ve been designated Feline Watchman when he’s out of town, and I suppose that’s not a duty one can ignore.

Anyway.. for the moment, I’m going to go be useful.


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