The perfect moment, English

The fly that keeps buzzing around my face is the only thing that isn’t perfect right now. Or… maybe the fly is what makes the moment perfect. The minor annoyance of waving it away just make the contrast to all the sweetness surrounding me all that much stronger.

The  sun warming  my face while the breeze gently cools the rest of me allows me to let my mind wander. If I close my eyes, I can hear the waves rolling in over the stones that make out the pier. Keeping them closed allow me to hear and focus on everything that surrounds me. The water, the birds chirping and my friends and family  over by the table laughing and chattering away. From where I stand, I can see them joking around and enjoying themselves; or at least I could if my eyes were open. I feel the warmth of the grill against my leg and stomach, and the smell that keeps wafting up to my nose makes my stomach grumble. I take another sip of the ice-cold apple cider. It’s cold and sparkly against my tongue, and with my fingers I can feel drops of condensed water on the glass. Over by my friends, but under the table I can just make out Bamses head. He sought refuge from the sun and found some shade under the table. He doesn’t mind the feet and attention – in fact, he thrives on it. Again the fly buzz past my ear,  making sure I know how wonderful the rest of this day is.



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