Wanted: Osama, dead or alive. Preferably dead? English

I promised myself I wouldn’t go there. I wasn’t going to write anything about this beyond the short part in my last post, but fuck it – the words have to come out.

First off… when did the world become such a cold and callous place that we as a society feel it’s warranted to cheer and celebrate when a country more or less commit murder? And not even proper murder behind closed doors but rather the most public kill in the last few years.

What I would have liked to see is this: If (and it’s a bloody big if) USA has the right to police the world, then they should at bloody least present evidence for what the man has done done. So far, I’m not aware of that this has happened. Please, tell me if I’m wrong here. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? Doesn’t The Bearded One deserve a trial? And if not… why?

Secondly, together with the rest of the world, I’ve had very high hopes for Barack Obamas presidency, and in many respects we’ve also been proven right. He has restored a lot of things that Bush Jr. did his best to tear down, and not only that; what he could do by presidential decree – he did. It’s impressive, but… it’s not enough. If you want to be regarded as the liberal president, the one that care about the enviroment, human rights and other minor points you really need to man up and act like a decent man in all aspects of life and not pander to the blood-thirsty cries for revenge – even if they do give you votes in the election. If you have a firm set of beliefs you should bloody well stick to them! Not abandon them when they are actually needed the most.

Sure, I’m not losing any sleep over the dispatching of a supposed terrorist leader, but as far as I can see, the actions taken against Osama bin Laden are no better than state-sanctioned murder. Or, as I’ve seen it reported in media: “an international policing incident where the target of the action resisted arrest.” Granted, I don’t live in America and I don’t follow American politics that closely so I could be wrong in basically everything I just wrote. If I am, please let me know. But until then I’ll continue feeling slightly betrayed by President Obama, not as an American but as a citizen of the world. The feeling of shame that people will sink so low as to celebrate death will simmer in the back of my mind together with the revulsion I feel for the blatant disregard of human life that has been displayed in the news.

We can be so much better than this, can’t we?


21 Responses to “Wanted: Osama, dead or alive. Preferably dead? English”

  1. That’s nice. Feel free to get out of America, you terrorist-loving traitor.

    Americans are not going to sully our courts by trying these vermin; we’re just going to exterminate them one and all wherever and whenever they crawl out of their nests.

    If you’ve got a problem with that, you’re no better than they are and deserve exactly the same treatment.

    • First, I’m not in America to begin with. Secondly, it’s nice to see that the opposition is so even-handed in their arguments. Thirdly, it’s because of people like you that I honestly fear for humanity. ;P

      • You shouldn’t fear for humanity; you should fear for it’s enemies who you seem to side with.

      • If that’s the way you see things, you prove my point. By all means, kill the fucker.. but please, show me the evidence first. That’s usually the way it goes – and I daresay the way you would want to be treated if it had been you.

      • If I launched an attack such it did on a people I wouldn’t expect any such foolish niceties to be observed.

        And what more evidence does anyone need then its very existence? It stands convicted, if one stupidly decides to grant it the consideration of being more than a dangerous vermin by its own acts and mouthings as do its supporters.

        One does not “try” enemies, one destroys them. One does not even bother with “waging war” upon vermin, one merely exterminates them as a matter of public health – along with anyone who’s been infected by them.

      • Well, you are certainly entitled to your opinion on this. I’d love to continue arguing the point with you, but I’m afraid I don’t speak neither Moron nor Idiocy. And for the record, you earlier called me a traitor – something I cannot be since I’m not a citizen of the country you accuse me of betraying. ;P

      • The last part is true when applied to America. You’re siding with the vermin of Islamic Terrorism makes you a traitor to the race of Man though.

        As for your insults, nice. Useless though. Subhumans can’t insult their betters any worse than by mocking their form and speech, two things you already do.

  2. Broken Haiku Says:

    Allow me to translate:

    Good day Sir! I have read your article and wishes to point out a few things in regard to this. Do note that I tend to go for a knee-jerk to the groin reaction due to strong emotional reactions that unfortunately bypasses logic.

    This I do while waving the banner of patriotism as a poor replacement.

    Ironically, I am not aware of that I am suffering from the same behavior that _other_ extremists (read terrorists) use to justify their actions. Also, in my not so humble opinion, terrorism is only performed by poor people, never by rich superstates.

    Since I have been unable to see your point of view and do not know the meaning of being humble or is able to see my own flaws, I hereby resort to calling you a traitor without any knowledge as to if this is the case, calling you out on insulting _me_ and then follow up by insulting you again.

    Please admire me for this – for this is what I do myself.

  3. Blir lite nyfiken på vilken typ av “bevis” du är på jakt efter. Sen var det väl inte meningen att han skulle skjutas till döds utan fångas och ställas inför rätta. Exakt vad som hände vet jag faktiskt inte. Utgår från att det är omöjligt att få rätsida på verkligheten där. Från nåt håll alltså.

    • Den typen av “bevis” som “bevisar” exakt vad han gjort, vore en bra start.

      • Hehe, jaha, du menar såna…

        Ingen idé att jag förtydligar min undring va? Typ, som vilken TYP av bevis du efterfrågar (DNA?) :)

      • Jag hade velat se en rättegång där man radade upp bevisen man hade för att det var han som gjorde det. Inte för att jag tvivlar men för att man bör hålla sig innanför lagens gränser – annars öppnar man dörren för liknande beteenden igen och för andra övertramp. Vilken typ av bevis är egentligen oviktigt.

      • Jag anade (läs: hoppades) att det var såhär du menade. Jo, det är klart att en rättegång hade varit att föredra, men jag är nästan säker på att det hade varit en omöjlighet. Vi vet ju inte HUR han dog, men förmodligen var det inte av amerikanska kulor…

      • Ärligt talat så skiter jag i hur han dog. Det som är sorgligt för mig är inställningen alla verkar ha, att det är okej att göra sånt här utan rättegång, och sedan fira någons död. Visst, jag förstår att många människor känner en lättnad och får avslut… men bara för att jag förstår betyder inte att jag håller med.

      • Nu vill jag inte göra detta till en evighetstråd men måste bara skriva att det tydligen är olika i olika kretsar då. De jag pratat med känner ungefär som jag. Lynchstämning och glädje kanske finns i andra forum, men inte i min lilla småstad!?

      • Nej, självklart är det inte så överallt. Det behöver man ju inte vara raketkirurg för att förstå. ;) Jag talar inte om ställen som Avliden eller Svartlien här, utan mer den övergripande stämningen som råder i stor del av media och framför allt ställen som USA, etc.

      • Då är vi på samma spår. Min vän, till vardags boende i Washington, berättade om hur det pågick värsta firarfesten vid Vita Huset. Fruktansvärt.

      • … då skakar vi hand på det. ;)

  4. A bit funny is that America is the land that is classified as a terrorist state

  5. Leslie King Says:

    This monster incited acts of terror even before 911. Remember the USS
    Cole. And then the unspeakable atrocities of 911. Those victims and their families were the innocents. Innocent until “proven” guilty my a$$.
    You are a douche bag!!!

    • I never claimed he was innocent. I merely suggest that a trial would have been nice. And in return, don’t forget his associations with the CIA and the Bushes.

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