Food, English

Food. I love food. I love making it,  and I love eating it. That being said, cooking and serving for over 200 people during the the span of 5 hours… is kind of rough.

Luckily it was set up very smoothly, and our two-man team pulled it off without a hitch. It also helped that it was just the same dish for everyone, so there was no real hassle. I could probably never work in a kitchen professionally; it is way too stressful… but I do enjoy my skill as an amateur cook. Anyway, that’s not what I was going to rant about today.

I enjoy most types of food, and I enjoy making them from scratch. To me, this is the  norm. Sure, when I’m tired and the general energy level is bottoming out, we’ll buy pre-made food like pytt-i-panna (Explanation for foreign dogs here), hamburgers or something like that, or if I’m really lazy I’ll even order pizza… but I’ve noticed that people around me buy the pre-made stuff (or worse!) as their default source of food… and they don’t eat anything they haven’t tried and liked before (how on earth did this work out when they were kids?). Trying new foods and re-testing things you’ve tried before should be mandatory, and if you are a fuzzy eater – chances are you’ll teach your kids to be one as well. This is a bit sad to me. Sure, I get that not everyone enjoys cooking as much as I do but it doesn’t take a lot of time to make most dishes from scratch instead of the just-add-water-type of meals. Especially when the person doing it is a parent – what kind of example are you setting for your child? And do you really want them to grow up to look like me?

Most pre-made meals contain vast amounts of additives, dyes and other things of a similar nature to make ’em keep longer,  look better and to lower the cost of production. If that isn’t enough to get you to make your own stuff, also consider that a metric fuckton of completely unneeded sugar is added to improve the flavour of something that might have tasted decently if they would have just used proper produce to make it in the first place. All in the name of being cost efficient. A big win for us all, isn’t it?

I’ve got a challenge for all you people out there who don’t make your own food. I propose this:

Take 3-4 or your favourite “foods” you buy and heat up (No, it’s not cooking. I promise.) and check out what’ s in ’em. Find out what type of meats and vegetables are in it, and write it down. Go online and google for recipies of those same dishes, then make a shopping list and try making it yourself. If you still aren’t convinced, fine… keep eating pre-made food the rest of your life – I’m surprised you don’t have someone to pre-chew it and pre-shit for you already.


One Response to “Food, English”

  1. I’m usually not picky with what I eat. But most of the pre-made food that you just heat in the microwave tastes horrible! I’m probably one of the few people who would lose weight on that diet. Due to not eating and then dying of starvation…
    Ok, food from fastfood resturants generally taste ok. But the microwave dinners… They make my tastebuds cry.

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