Riddle me this… English

If I may, I’d like to pose you a question. A question and a request for assistance. Those who know me know that I’m horrible with numbers, and my memory for things I need to do is even more awful. I’d like to change that.

This month (again) I was supposed to take care of the bills, and (yet again) I failed. My wife is very angry with me, rightfully so, and to be honest I’m pretty pissed with myself. It turned what looked like a fairly good month (monitarily) into one that suddenly is rather strained. I’m going to attempt to fix the biggest and closest problem by selling off some of my camera gear. Anyone out there who wants to buy a 18-125 lense or a flash? No? Come on, they’re really nice! Anyway.

What I’m looking for is suggestions on how to train my memory so that I actually remember things that aren’t lines from movies or pointless trivia. Any suggestions on how to change my behaviour into being a more organized person would also be good. For the record, I’ve tried making notes, using a calendar and other things like that.. but please, if you’ve got any ideas I’m open to trying them. Much like my wife, I’m sick of failing this abysmally.


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