Heartsgrove forest part 4, English

The minutes ticked away and step by step my panic faded… still breathing hard, I tried to feel my way back to the small doorway, but my fingers couldn’t find it however much I tried. Feelings of panic sprung to life in my chest again when I noticed a small sliver of light a few yards to my left. Yet again I could feel curiosity overcoming all other emotions and I started to carefully shuffle over to see what it was. Hands stretched out in front of me, I started feeling my way forward through the tight crawlspace. Progress wasn’t fast but then again the distance wasn’t far either. It felt like it took half an hour, but more likely only a few minutes had passed. Suddenly i felt the passageway open up on my left hand side into what felt like a decent-sized room. The light I had seen seemed to come from a decent sized hatch in the ceiling. Pushing on it made it open, and sunlight flooded into the small room. But… sunlight? I hadn’t been gone from my room for more than 15 minutes, at most! And when I went in, I needed the candle to light my way. Had I fallen asleep? Fainted? No… I could remember everything that had happened since the door in the wall closed. The sunlight warmed my face and I could even hear birds singing outside.


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