“I too have a dream…”, English

I have hardly begun writing in this… blog (oh, how I hate that description) myself, and already I have certain special someone that has written a text that is just so good, I asked her if I could publish it here. Without naming (actual) names, we’ll call her Kiwi. She’s my constant source of inspiration and joy, and the person that I’m secretly in love with. Wait… no, what? Anyway! She’s awesome, and this is what she wrote…

“I too have a dream…”

Like Martin Luther King Jr, I too have a dream.
A dream of communication and understanding;
Of a world where people care enough to punctuate
and use proper grammar – even on the internet!

I dream of text-based chatting that does not make me cry;
cry for the lack of respect shown for the chosen language.
I dream of well formulated and witty conversation
made all the better by the use of commas, periods and question marks.
A world of people understanding that the period
is not just a tiny spot, but a thing of beauty created
to increase the understanding between humans.

I have a dream of communication and understanding.
A dream of a world where lolspeak grammar and l33t spelling
is not the natural evolution of our languages.

Slowly I see this dream wither and die like a flower:
once filled with brittle beauty and innocent joy,
now a dull and lifeless thing turned to dust by the first frost.

Killed not by nature, but by the slow-moving wits of our fellow man,
who considered it his greatest achievement when he conquered the keyboard
in search of porn, lolcats and video clips of people getting hurt.

And as I lay my dream to its final rest, I take comfort.
Comfort in knowing that I did what I could,
and that at least I will not see this dystopia in its crowned glory.
I end with the never dying words of Edgar Allan Poe:
”Come! Let da boorial rite be red- da fooneral song be sung
An antem for da queenliest ded dat evvar dieded so yong”


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