Journalistic integrity, anyone? English

Yet again, I find myself reading. What caught my eye this time was an article (only in Swedish, sorry) at, a site that at least on the surface tries to pass itself off as dealing with news and entertainment. The article is a poorly written and obviously angled piece aimed at making horse racing seem like the best idea since sliced bread. While this in itself isn’t what made me go into rant-mode, the signature was.

At the bottom of the article we find the signature of the writer; it’s signed Minimedia and posted by Madeleine Brohlin (aftonbladets editor for equine-related sports). This is where it starts getting interesting. Employing what can only be described as my wits, I find Minimedias site. Their top banner says, “We make unique concepts for the web”. This is a rather fuzzy concept in and of itself but while browsing around a bit on their site, it looks and sounds like they are an ad-firm with a specific area of expertise: Marketing on the internet. So… we have an article that is obviously written to push a concept that might not be as golden as its made to seem –  a fancy ad. This is really damn bad – ads made indistinguishable from the actual news at a site about news? Come on, that’s not playing fair even by the most morally flexible standards… but it doesn’t end there. While browsing around the site, I found their contact-page where they line up the bigwigs and their e-mails and phone-numbers. Minimedias “creative director” and founder is a man named Lars Östling, a name that probably doesn’t mean much to people (including me)… so I decided to do a bit of googling (yes, that’s a bloody word these days!) to see what I could find. Lars Östling used to be the main sports editor for… yeah, you guessed it: Aftonbladet. This doesn’t smell right to me anywhere.

While aftonbladet never really registered for me as a serious newspaper anymore, it’s still sad to see something like this happen. Integrity seems to be a dead concept to people, and for every day that passes it feels like journalism is dying. I’d like to see more investigative journalism, and not just a regurgitation of the stories that show up on TT or Reuters. Am I really the only one who miss reading actual news?


2 Responses to “Journalistic integrity, anyone? English”

  1. Alltså. No offence, men… :)

    Äsch. Vem orkar bry sig om kvällspressens tvivelaktiga moral och etik? Jag tycker det är synd att folk köper skiten och kan bara glädjas åt att vi (ännu) inte sjunkit så lågt journalistiskt i vårt land som i ex Storbritannien.

    • Problemet ligger väl i att om man accepterar det på ett ställe så kommer fler göra samma sak i förlängningen. Personligen trivs jag bra med att kunna känna lite tillit till nyhetstidningar (även om Aftonbladet inte är nått att känna förtroende för oavsett). ;)

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