The fickle beast, English

Alas, yet again I find myself in front of a keyboard. I’ve been dozing off and drifting away for a while, when all of a sudden something seems to wake me with a gentle tap, tap, tapping at the back of my mind where the creature live, the one I often name “creativity”. As many other nights, I find that the elusiveness of the beast to be most annoying. It appears that it enjoys taunting me with the feeling of potential creation, while at the same time holding it just out of reach. I try to prod and poke at it, but to little avail. It has abandoned me! In my hour of dire need!Having to rely solely on my wit and twisted mind I still set out to write something of epic proportions: a first draft of a movie script. Yes! I know! It’s both silly and cliché, a very feeble attempt at creating something new, something fresh in this ever darkening world we live in. Will it be worth reading and making? Will it even be worth finishing? I don’t know. But therein lies the challenge. Having a short conversation with a friend, throwing ideas around, we fairly quickly arrived at something that appeals to both of us. What that is I’ll save for the actual script, but there was some good ideas there. Even if I finish writing it, we’ll be faced with new challenges. What on earth do we know about making movies? Well… honestly? Very little. Will that stop us? Maybe. But I’m willing to try! Maybe me ‘n John will become rich and famous, and then you can all cater to our slightest whims! In my mind, this most likely plays out a whole lot differently from actual reality but right now, I’m mostly rambling as it is. Anyway, wish us luck , and maybe we’ll remember your support for us when we were still underground.


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