What happens next?, English

Today, I sent in my application for my continued studies at the university. I waited until the absolutely last day possible in sheer fear of committing to something, something new, something scary. I’ve never been the scholastic type, and for me to feel that I might be able to handle this is pretty big.The theme when it comes to school for me has always been the road of least resistance. Pick things that are fun and easy, and disregard the rest – no matter the cost. I’ve been really lazy when it comes to studying, doing my homework and anything even remotely shaped like work. Granted, the school I went to disintegrated after two years, making the decision to skip it very easy… but if I am to be completely honest: I probably would have bailed anyway. It was just not very fun. I’ve been mostly working since then, and I’ve never really felt the need to apply for school. I thought I was done with that part of my life – turns out (if I’m lucky) that my schooldays have barely begun. Since I left high school, I’ve mostly jumped between jobs, doing whatever felt good at the time (and some things that felt less good – but were still good experiences) and when I, uneducated and lacking in experience, landed a job that paid a lot better than the job my wife had studied a few years for – that felt pretty good. That doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I want a challenge, I want to push myself  and see what I can do. I want to learn. I haven’t been accepted yet but I truly hope I will be. It’ll mark a new era of my life, one that I hope will push me even further out of my comfort zone.


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