Taji – Chapter #01, English

Adjusting her gloves and mirrored shades, Taji made her way through the throng of people. The light and the noise of the crowds forced tears into her eyes and made her heart feel like it was about to be torn apart. She never used to cry in public, but right now it was all she was capable of. Ascending from the tunnels below the nether she had arrived into a world of pain and tears – no one could see the traces of blood that clung to her face, chest and all over the blue dress she wore beneath her black coat also used to hide her gun. No one else could still hear the screams of the dying, clinging to her soul like memories of bitter shadows.

Clutching her chest she pushed through the crowd, tears streaming down her face. People barely looked at her ignoring her obvious distress. Near panic she tried to get as far away from the tunnel entrance before someone went inside. When that happened, chaos would envelop the streets quickly and if she got caught up in that, she’d be fucked. If someone connected her to the bloody mayhem in the tunnels she would never be able to stop running. Even if that didn’t happen, she wasn’t sure she could stop. She had to dump the gun too, it could connect her to the four dead men. She used the term “men” in the widest fashion possible – they were more machinery and technology than flesh at this point. They had been “enhanced” so far beyond the realm of normalcy they didn’t serve any other function than doing wetwork and high-tech industrial espionage. It was a wonder they could even show themselves outside without being stared at. Come to think of it, they’d never show themselves outside again.. but they would be stared at. The bullet-holes in their faces would make sure of that.

A piercing scream was heard above the din of the streets. Time to pick up the pace. Each step she took got her further away from the unmitigated disaster that her meeting had turned into. Adrenaline sharpened her senses to the extreme, every detail registering in her shocked mind. People started pushing from every direction in their efforts to get away or get closer to the screams, and in the distance sirens blared. Cops. Fuck.

The shock of the earlier burst of violence started to transform into fear of getting caught; having been on the run from both governmental and corporate agents was starting to take its toll on her, both physically and mentally. In the last three days she had barely slept and the intense highs of adrenaline couldn’t carry her much longer.

Looking over her shoulder she could see the crowd gathering closer to the tunnel entrance in the distance; the police desperately trying to keep people at bay. Curiosity, nowadays a very dangerous and incredibly common trait in humans. Deploying riot shields and grabbing their stun-batons the cops started pushing the crowd back; in the sky above choppers hovered trying to keep track of the masses.

Hastening her step without making it look out of place Taji tried to get off the open street. People were scurrying around frantically anyway, so it was rather unlikely anyone would pick her out; but staying alive meant taking no chances. Just as she was approaching an alleyway she felt something press against her back. -“Stand still, bitch. You’re not going anywhere.”


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