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Parental musings, English

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Consider, if you will: children. Oh, come now… You’ve heard of them! The tiny humans we make in that delightful act of procreation. The reasons behind making them differ; some plan their parenthood, some have it thrust upon them – with varying degrees of success. Continue reading


Taji – Chapter #01, English

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Adjusting her gloves and mirrored shades, Taji made her way through the throng of people. The light and the noise of the crowds forced tears into her eyes and made her heart feel like it was about to be torn apart. She never used to cry in public, but right now it was all she was capable of. Ascending from the tunnels below the nether she had arrived into a world of pain and tears – no one could see the traces of blood that clung to her face, chest and all over the blue dress she wore beneath her black coat also used to hide her gun. No one else could still hear the screams of the dying, clinging to her soul like memories of bitter shadows. Continue reading

Ekon, Swedish

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Mina steg ekade mot det hårda golvet. Det såg ut som marmor, men ingenting annat här hade varit vad det såg ut som ännu, så varför skulle det börja nu? Jag visste inte riktigt hur länge jag hade gått, ibland kändes det som att jag nyss börjat och i nästa stund kunde jag svurit på att jag promenerat i flera veckor, om inte månader eller rentav år. Jag kunde med nöd och näppe se några meter framför mig; skymningen här verkade aldrig lätta. I mitt huvud konstruerade jag små historier för att förklara den eviga natten, men just nu kändes det bara som ett sätt att hindra mig själv från att bli galen. Hur skulle man kunnat ana att det fanns ett ställe som det här? Där världen omkring en brann i lågor som aldrig slocknar och som varken ger värme eller ljus. Ett ställe där man bara existerar? Continue reading

Kan vi inte bara komma överens?, Swedish

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Jag hade ursprungligen tänkt skriva lite om vad retorik är, vad det används till och liknande saker… men efter en hel hög grundligt underhållande (men bitvis frustrerande) läsning, så har jag beslutat mig för att ändra ämne en aning. Jag ska försöka ta reda på vad det egentligen innebär, och om det kanske krävs lite mer av en god talare än att bara vara beläst inom retorikens värld. Continue reading

Change, English

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I’ve been thinking a lot about perspectives the last few days, mainly how vastly different viewpoints change depending on when one was born. I spoke to a girl in school just last week, and the subject of milestones came up. Not a milestone as in what one has achieved or anything like that, but more along the lines of international incidents that resound throughout society no matter how rich or poor you are – the kind of things that make you remember exactly what you were doing when you heard of it the first time even fifty years after it happened. Continue reading

Pariah, English

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The sky was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. Skunk scurried through the shadows; I could hardly see him from across the road. He moved jerkily along the alleyway, as if someone had tied strings to his limbs and pulled him onwards with no regard for how a human body was supposed to work. That was probably the only reason I noticed him from the start, had he been moving slower or more fluently he would have been more or less invisible in his mottled gray clothes. It also helped that I knew he was coming. Is this really what my profession had been reduced to? It wasn’t long ago that I had been a highly paid and well-respected member of the press-corps… and now I was skulking in shadows, using criminals and drug users as information mules. Evolution in society? What a fucking joke. Continue reading

Bamse, English version

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I woke up this morning with my son right beside me, pushing gently on my shoulder. With a big grin on his face, he squeaked out a cheery “Dad! Breakfast!” The dog was at his usual place at the foot of the bed and was snoring and relaxing in a fashion that only he can pull off. Before I even had time to swing my feet over the edge of the bed Z heard a sound by the door and his face lights up like the sun. “Mommy, Mommy is coming!”. Ida has been working all night for the first time in a while, which means that she comes home early in the morning. Both Z and Bamse bounced out of bed to greet her. She sounded really happy and while cuddling with Bamse she tried to communicate to the kid that he should perhaps put on some clothes so he could go to kindergarten. Continue reading